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  • Workshops, Classes & Coaching Available

  • BDSM 101, Basics & more for beginners

  • Immersive programs for intermediate players

  • Advanced courses and classes for experienced players

  • One-on-One, tandem and small groups welcome

  • Renowned Guest Instructors proudly hosted

  • Small Events and Photoshoot Parties welcome

  • Affordable, Interactive online courses available SOON

  • Something for everyone!

  • Learn more about your Hostess, Mistress Mona, HERE.

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Explore your 50 Shades of Grey: The How to Class
The 50 Shades of Grey trilogy brought BDSM out of the shadowy dungeons into the living rooms of suburban housewives. Many people think of BDSM as a dark underground world of shameful taboos, so sinful that even having a fantasy that involves domination and submission is cause to seek immediate forgiveness. The Sensual Red Room is a safe place to live those fantasies.

Discover the bliss and the light of consensual BDSM.
I will teach you about the responsibilities that are inherent in the power exchange. You will learn the allure of surrendering to who you are, Dominant, submissive or switch. I invite you to be in the question of who has the real power: Is is the Dom/Domme or the submissive? 
Rate: 1 Hour $200/ 90min $300    Couples 1 Hour $450/ 90min $550

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Guest Medical Mistresses will be available to thoroughly conduct medical fetish classes and workshops, hosted at Our fabulous kinky clinical space.

$90 minute workshop

Rate: $150 per student

Rope bunny

Showing you the ropes

A step by step guide to erotic restraint and decorative rope bondage basics.

This is a 3 hour class limited to 15 students per class

Rate: $150 per student



Mistress Mona offers these workshops to both dominants and sissies alike.

Learn the process of transforming a male to a glamorous femme fatale or satin & lace pink princess!

90 minute workshop

Rate: $150 per student

south florida dungeon rental sissification 101

The Goddess Experience


Learn the art of communicating, behaving, and commanding like a true  

Being a Goddess has its responsibilities.  Learn and understand what those are, and how to utilize them, from Mistress Mona. With her expert advice you'll be leading the Goddess Lifestyle you deserve in no time.

Class is limited to 10 people.

Rate: $100 per student

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