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Rental Quick STATS:

  • Fully furnished and stocked play space with Loft

  • Two bathrooms, Jetted Bathtub, Private Sauna

  • Stocked Kitchenette w/Fridge + Microwave + Dining area

  • Sissy Powder Room w/Dressing Area + Vanity

  • 6'4"x12' Bondage Platform +20 bondage clips

  • Pulley System w/1000+ lbs. capacity

  • Pets/Assistance animals are always allowed

  • Smoking is allowed

  • Can accommodate up to 30 people

  • In-House Workshops, Classes & Coaching Available

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The Queen's Dominion


Sit atop the Goddess Worship Throne on its gilded pedestal surrounded by opulent decor, a chandelier fit for royalty and candle light abound, as your slave languishes in luxury, bound to the St. Andrew's Cross. 

Seated upon your throne, the  Noir Powder Room/Full Bath is to your left, just behind the the jetted tub (shown above), full of steaming bubbles and rose petals, awaiting your arrival, and the Bondage Bed with custom overnight under-bed cage and loft stairway is to your center-right, and in front of you lies the grand play space with medical play area and impact play furniture and gear, plus a play swing that descends from the ceiling via electric winch, and a glorious view of the upstairs loft.

This is also an ideal setting for eye-catching photography!

The Asylum

Medical Play Area


Immerse yourself in the realistic medical play area complete with authentic gynecological chair with stirrups, mayo stand with shiny stainless steel medical implements, and auscultation station.

Your patient will either be deliriously happy or deliciously scared!  Either way, this will make for an unforgettable session or photo shoot.


Private Steam Sauna Room


Indulge in pure steamy bliss in this candle-lit jumbo size sauna with personal spray head, rain bath shower head and standard shower head, as well as steam jets, soap dispensers and generously sized massage table, set in gleaming white tile and foot massaging pebble flooring.  

This oasis is perfect for after care with plenty of room for two, three and four!  

Let's Play Dress Up


In the Noir Powder Room, you'll find a delightful surprise waiting for you - a fully stocked sissy transformation station, chock full of women's wear from mini skirts to evening gowns, silky feathered robes, marabou slippers, glittering baubles, sky-high stilettos and high heel boots, sparkling tiaras, wigs galore, feminine prosthetics of every kind, cosplay hats and accessories, shiny gimp hoods and sensual masquerade masks.  


Who would you like to be today?

south florida dungeon rental
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Lounge in Luxury


During downtime, the Luxurious Lounge is a must.

Here, you'll find a giant chaise lounge (shown here), as well as a sofa (check the gallery), a large screen TV, bluetooth-ready speakers, free wi-fi, stocked bar cart with red wine, liquors + mixers and gorgeous decanters, full bathroom with separate sauna room + crisp clean linens and toiletries are provided, vanilla or kinky board games, and plenty of stunning art to behold, made by local artisans.

Photography & Cinema


Photography and Video Production is welcome at Our sumptuous space.

Our professional, fully stocked, meticulously maintained space is open to photographers and videographers seeking a well furnished, elegant fetish photography studio or extraordinary BDSM themed set.

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south florida dungeon rental

Intimate Events & Workshops


Whether you're a new dominatrix seeking one-on-one workshops or a seasoned pro femme fatale seeking a space to conduct your own classes, Our locale is the perfect space to host you and your small group of guests.

Or perhaps you want to have a kinky girl's night pajama party?  Or you are a business looking to promote your goods and/or services to the kink community in a unique way, such as a sumptuous soiree held in a clean and private lavish lair?

Your hostess, Mistress Mona is happy to assist in creating the perfect setting for your event.

Maybe you just want to spice things up in the boudoir? 

Your host here at South Florida Dungeon Rental, Mistress Mona, will be happy to guide you with insightful expertise, immersive and easy to understand instructions, and helpful feedback in order to send you on your way to test your newly acquired skills.

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